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Bob McCauley
Vice President, E2 Solutions, Product Marketing & Information Security

We are a family...

My favorite part of this job is working with the Military and Government and E2 teams as well as our clients. We have a great team and have been through a lot together. Many of us have been here for a number of years and have become more like a family instead of associates. We have a strong level of trust and close working relationships.

But his family keeps him busy too...

I have five boys at home, all who play ice hockey. We spend a lot of time going from ice rink to ice rink and share a love for the sport. I also referee soccer with my sons, mostly on the weekends and occasional weeknights.

Finding this job was serendipity...

Ending up in this position was a matter of circumstances. I’m a retired Air Force officer and became involved in information system planning after I retired. I began working with the E2 team on Public Key Infrastructure strategy and was asked to join the team. Over time I gained responsibilities for account and implementation management.

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