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Joel Wartgow
Senior Director, CWTSatoTravel Program Management

He’s always wanted to work in the travel industry...

Most people stumble into the travel industry from different paths, but I knew from an early age that this is an industry that I love and is something I’ve wanted to do for my entire life. My parents traveled a lot when I was growing up, sparking an interest in me from an early age. As a result, I targeted the travel industry to start my career. Both my college and graduate degrees are in travel and hospitality and over the past 19+ years. I have had the opportunity to work with world-renowned companies including The Walt Disney Company, Marriott and CWT! Although I’ve had diverse roles in the travel and hospitality industry, I think the perfect job for me is the position that I am in today.

He’s an avid paddleboarder...

My wife and two boys enjoy living in Minnesota (except for in the winter). We keep busy year round with school, sports, and family vacations. I love the water, and when it is warm outside, I love to go stand up paddle boarding. Living in Minnesota, I consider myself a “land-locked surfer”. Although the paddle boarding season is short in Minnesota, there are a lot of lakes to explore so I’m very fortunate

He enjoys a challenge...

My favorite part of this job is the challenge of understanding the unique Military and Government sector within the travel industry. The sense of patriotism within this company is second to none, and something that I really enjoy. After attending the SGTP conference this past fall, I was overwhelmed with American pride which motivated me to hang an American flag in my office. I really enjoy this part of our business and having an opportunity to give back to the men and women who serve our country.

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