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CWTSato To Go™
The Smart App for Government Travel
CWTSato To Go™ has the features travelers want, and gives them the information they need when they need it. Some features vary by device, so please consult our FAQs for more information.

Automated flight alerts and gate changes
It looks like squeezing in one extra meeting is doable after all. Fast flight alerts provide you with details at a glance.
Mobile check-in
Easy and convenient check-in on multiple airlines worldwide!
Capture all your trip details in one app
Enjoy automatically synced CWTSatoTravel-booked reservations on your device. Add non-CWTSatoTravel itineraries to keep all your official travel details in one place.
Calendar sync
Know where you need to be and when. Your calendar updates automatically with your
trip information.
Advanced share functionality
Share delayed flight information and all or part of your trip itinerary with your family, or
More destination information and tools
Maps, a currency converter, world clocks, a tip calculator, local search via Yelp, and
five-day weather forecasts are at your fingertips 24/7 to help you navigate the local landscape with ease.
Flight status search
Colleagues on a different flight? Search their flight status to see if their plane will arrive on time.
Flight schedules
Flight delayed or canceled? With a few simple clicks, check your options for alternative flights, or easily access your travel office phone number for help.
Data privacy
Rest assured your personal data is protected and not shared with any third-party companies or apps.
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